About Native Stem Cell’s Top Arthritis Staff and Dr. Kevin Crawford

Native Stem Cell’s mission is to provide a unique opportunity for care of arthritic joints for patients within the southeast Michigan area. We treat patients with all stages of arthritis with the aim of helping you regain function, reduce pain and potentially avoid total joint replacement down the line.

Dr. Kevin Crawford leads our team of experienced medical professionals at Native Stem Cell and is one of the first and only physicians in Michigan to perform stem cell injection therapy using stem cells from bone marrow. As a trained orthopedic surgeon who has been practicing for over 20 years in the community, he is uniquely qualified and experienced in the treatment of arthritic pain and other injuries to joints. Dr. Crawford has a Bachelors degree in Chemistry as well as a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan. His medical degree is from Michigan State University.

Although Dr. Crawford has always been interested in conservative and non-traditional treatment for joint conditions, he also continues to treat degenerative joint disease with conventional orthopedic techniques. In all of his arthritis treatment work, however, he finds that stem cell therapy is the most exciting modality currently available for these disorders.

Michigan’s Top Arthritis Treatment Center

With locations in Bloomfield, MI, and Grand Rapids, MI, Native Stem Cell is one of the only clinics in Michigan providing stem cell injections using stem cells from a patient’s own bone marrow. Other stem cell therapies use cells from unknown sources that are kept in labs. At Native Stem Cell, we extract and process native stem cells from your own bone marrow, reinjecting them into the affected site of your body to induce musculoskeletal healing. Dr. Crawford’s skillful technique makes the stem cell procedure painless and quick. And with our experienced staff and specialized technology, we complete the nearly painless procedure in less than an hour.

Stem cell therapy for arthritis treatment primarily benefits patients who are dealing with arthritis in one or both of their knees, but it can also be considered for treatment of other joints, especially hips, shoulders and ankles. The stem cell therapy varies slightly for those joints, and our experienced staff will gladly walk you through your options and the type of treatment your arthritis would require.

If you’re worried about having to give up your active lifestyle due to arthritis, you’re no longer able to enjoy playing with your grandkids due to knee pain or you’re unsure whether arthritis treatment will even do anything to help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced arthritis treatment professionals today. If you’re interested in working with Dr. Crawford and our team of experienced medical professionals to restore movement and joint function in your life, contact us today by calling our Bloomfield Hills, MI, location in the Detroit area at 248-309-8878 or our Grand Rapids, MI, location at 616-419-8016. Or fill out an appointment request form here.

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